Ladies Auxiliary VFW Kansas

The Resolutions to be presented at the 2014 National Convention are posted in the Secretary's Information under the Reports and Forms tab.

Youth Supporting our Military form on Youth Activities Page

Proposed revisions to the National Bylaws and a sample of the proposed change in formatting of the Bylaws may be found under the Secretary’s Information tab. This information will also be in the May Sunflower Express.


Delegate/Alternate Forms for District, Department and National Conventions may be found under the Secretary’s Information tab as well as in the February Sunflower Express 


Information on Redistricting/Re-organization is available  under the Secretary’s information tab.


Auxiliary Election Memo is available under the Secretary’s information tab.





New Cancer Grant Application on the Cancer page.

Instructions for completing the online reports “program report form procedures” is available under “Program Coordinator”

Esther McCombs Award information and form under Secretaries Information

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Ladies Auxiliary Year.


You’re an Angel to the Veterans.

     You Are All Stars in My Eyes.



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