6th District MALTA training-Leon Pfeifer looks on as Dept. Treasurer Jeanette Cox helps with login.

District 6 MALTA Training in Grinnell-Dept. Treasurer Jeanette Cox shows Leon Pfeifer

the steps for creating a login for MALTA. Later, Leon assisted his mother Linda with hers.

(photo by Maren Farr)


Booth for Youth to say Pledge of Allegience and receive flag and a drink Stockton VFW and Auxiliary 8873


Pledge Allegience Booth-VFW and Auxiliary 8873 during Stockton Fair



During the Stockton Fair, 3 three Stockton youth say the “Pledge of Allegiance” at the VFW and

Auxiliary 8873 booth and will be rewarded with an American flag and a drink from one of the sponsoring merchants just as the two little girls were. (photos by Deb Niermeier)




Wall-another part of north side of VFW Post 9076                      Wall-north side of VFW Post 9076



Check out the mural on the north side of VFW Post 9076. Not only does this striking mural make citizens of Hays

and the surrounding area more aware of Veterans and their service, it also calls attention to the VFW Post at the

corner of 22nd and Vine. The Post and Auxiliary have combined their efforts to raise over $4,000 for the mural.

(photos by Deb Niermeier)