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With the rising costs of continuing the education of our nation’s youth, we proudly assist and offer scholarships for our youth and our members. Welcome to the new Scholarship year!

Program Goals: Student Participation, Recipient Recognition, Community Awareness and Increasing the Fund
Continuing Education Scholarship, This scholarship is for any member (who has been a member for at least one year), their spouse, son and or daughter who have a financial need. Entrant must be at least 18 years of age. An essay of at least 300 words on how this scholarship would help them attain their goals and completed application is due to National Headquarters by February 15, 2021. Four $1,000 scholarships will be awarded, one for each Conference. Mail to:

Programs Administrator
VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters
400 W. 34th St., 10th Floor
Kansas City, MO. 64111
Or email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest, Open to any student in grades 9-12 who is enrolled in a public, private or parochial high school or home study program in the United States, it’s territories and possessions; or dependents of U.S. military or civilian personnel in overseas schools. Student must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. national. Student doesn’t need to have a parent that is a member of the VFW or VFW Auxiliary to participate. Student must attend school in same Department as the sponsoring VFW Auxiliary. Foreign exchange students, students 20 years or over, GED and adult education students, or previous National winners of Young American Creative Patriotic Art are not eligible. One Department winner will be selected and entry will be forwarded on to VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters.
Deadlines: Entries to local Auxiliary March 31, 2021, Department April 15, National Headquarters May 5. National Scholarships: First place $15,000, Second place $7,500, Third place $3,500, Fourth and Fifth place
$1,500 and Sixth through Ninth place $500.

Two - and three - Dimensional Art may be accepted. Two-dimensional art: must be on canvas or paper, Watercolor, pencil, pastel, charcoal, tempera, crayon, acrylic, pen, ink, oil, marker, or other media may be used. Do not frame two dimensional pieces, canvas entries must be on canvas board or stretcher frame. Paper entries must be matted in white and reinforce back of art with heavy paper. Mounted and floating mats may be used. Art should be no smaller than 8”X10” and no larger than 18”X 24”, not including mat. Three- dimensional art: Paper, paper – mache, pottery, sculpture, fabric, wood, metal work, etc may be used. Pieces should be no larger than 18” in any direction and weigh no more than 5 lbs. in weight. Digital art, photography and jewelry will not be accepted.
Help National Headquarters increase the Young American Creative Patriotic Art awards! Any amount is accepted doesn’t matter how small or large, it all adds up in the end. This can be completed by making a donation on MALTA or by mailing a check earmarked Patriotic Art to:

 VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters 

Attn: Patriotic Art Fund
406 W. 34th St., 10th Floor
Kansas City, Mo. 64111

Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest, “What is Patriotism to Me?” is the theme for 2020-2021.This contest is for  students in grades 6, 7, and 8 in public, private or parochial schools in the U.S., its territories or its possessions. Home-schooled students are also eligible. Although U.S. citizenship is not required, students must be lawful U.S.

permanent residents or have applied for permanent residence and intends to become a U.S. citizen at the earliest opportunity allowed by law. Foreign exchange students and former winners that placed in the National contest are not eligible. Students will type an essay of 300 - 400 words must be in English with no color or graphics. In no way can the applicant identify themselves within the essay. Do not put your name on your essay your entry form is your essay’s cover sheet.
Deadlines: Essay to local VFW Post by midnight October 31, Local judging Complete and to District by November 15, District judging completed and to Department by December 15.
National awards: 1st $5,000, 2nd $4,000, 3rd $3,500, 4th $2,750, 5th $2,500, 6th $2,00, 7th $1,750, 8-10th $1,500, 11-12th $1,250, 13-23rd $1,000, 24-25th $750 and 26th-53rd $500.

Voice of Democracy Contest : “Is This the Country the Founders Envisioned?” is the 2020-2021 theme. This contest is for grades 9-12. Please follow the same guidelines for who can enter as Patriot’s Pen contest above.
Students record an original 3-5 minute essay on an audio CD or flash drive. After recording make sure you play back your recording on a system other than your computer. This is to verify that your essay was successful. Make sure there is no background noise, music, singing, poetry or sound effects. Deadlines: See Patriot’s Pen above.
National Scholarships: 1st $30,000, 2nd 16,000, 3rd $10,000, 4th-36th $7,00 - $1,500, 37th-54th $1,000.
Kansas VFW Endowment, Any Auxiliary member ( in good standing) and their immediate family and or grandchildren may apply. Graduating high school seniors in May 2021, students already enrolled in college or someone who desires a career change later in life are eligible. Application will need to be verified by VFW or Auxiliary. So please allow time to meet the deadline of February 1, 2021 to Department Headquarters in Topeka. This past year 12 applicants received a $2,000 scholarship.

National Awards for Auxiliaries: Citation to each Auxiliary that promotes the Young American Creative Patriotic Art contest and completes the entry form. Entry form is due to Department Chairman by March 31, 2021.
• Citation will be mailed directly to Auxiliaries from National Headquarters.
• Citation and $25 to one Auxiliary in each of the four Conferences with the most outstanding promotion of
the Young American Creative Patriotic Art contest.
Department Awards: All Auxiliary awards will be based on membership. Reports will need to be on time to be considered for an award. I will be looking for documentation with your reports so send those pictures, newspaper articles or anything else you may have done with this program!!
• I will be looking to see how Auxiliaries are promoting all of the Program Goals this year. Monetary award
and citation will be awarded.
• Monetary award for Auxiliaries who have the largest amounts donated to the National Patriotic Art
• Monetary awards for Districts who donate to the National Patriotic Art escrow.


Kim Butcher
Dept. Ks., Scholarships Chairman
906 E. 4th St.
Newton, Ks. 67114
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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