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We have provided a place here for you to download all of the information that we distribute to you through our Program Book and Chairmen's Bulletins.  You will need Adobe Reader, it is a Free program and can be downloaded here  Get Adobe



2022-23  National Hospital Program
2022-23 National Hospital Award No 1
2022-23 National Hospital Member Award No 1
2022-23 National Hospital Member Award No 3 Outstanding

2022 - 23 Department Hospital Program
2022 - 23 Department Hospital Awards

2022 - 23 Department Hospital Report  click above for online report

2022 - 23 Hospital Report Printable

Hospital Pledge
Hospital Patient Needs

Hospital Valuation Guide
Hospital Goods Donation Form
Sewing & Hospital Crafting Form
Honors Escort
Value of Volunteersism Phamplet
National Resources Award

National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans
Valentines for Vets
Hospital HIM HER
KS Medical Facilities
Observances 2022
James H Parke Scholarship
Veterans Voices

Hospital VA R&D
Outstanding Hospital Volunteer Nomination
VAVS Monthly Report



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