Program Coordinator

Directions for reporting



Since the Program Coordinator usually works only with the Department Program Chairmen, it is quite possible that many Auxiliary members do not know what the Program Coordinator does. You know that your Auxiliary chairmen send a report with descriptions of the activities you do, along with the hours and dollars expended, to the Department Chairmen. The Department Chairmen then report those hours and dollars individually by Auxiliary to me. I collate all those hours and dollars, again individually by Auxiliary, into one report which is sent to the State VFW Community Service Director.

The State VFW Community Service Director then adds the Auxiliary hours and dollars to those of the VFW and sends the totals to National.   It is these hours and dollars spent on our Veterans, their families, and our communities that help to influence Congress to allow more funding of the VA programs and to justify the continued IRS tax-free status. In addition, the hours and dollars from two of our programs (Veterans and Family Support and Hospital) are used by the Department Quartermaster in completing the grant request to the KCVA (Kansas Commission on Veterans Activities) for the funds the VFW receives from that organization.

So you see how important it is that the Auxiliary Chairmen report those hours and dollars spent in support of our programs. Each hour and each dollar reported gives our National Commander in Chief more ammunition when he addresses Congress about the need for continued federal funding of Veterans’ programs that were promised our Veterans. 

Remember, if you show any dollars spent, you should also show some hours spent. Each project has to be approved by the Auxiliary, so it should have taken some time to describe the project and vote on its approval. If that took ten minutes of meeting time and you had ten members present, then you should report 100 minutes or 1.6 hours. Time actually doing the project should then be added to that original 1.6 hours. Please don’t ever report dollars spent without showing hours expended. Your Auxiliary is encouraged to report monthly.  Reporting monthly will allow you to remember the details of the events your Auxiliary completes and give a more complete and comprehensive report.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about your report.


Donna Dornes

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